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Wavey Stencil

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Wavey Stencil

An alternative to our ocean wave stencils, these wave-y stencils are a more subtle and gentle wave which can be used in nautical decor or equally as a more interesting colour block border. As with all of our other stencils these wave stencils are made of removable vinyl so you can stencil your room easily and quickly.

Simply stick to the wall, paint, remove. These stencils are easily removable but not reusable. Apply, paint and peel off when paint is still wet. Full instructions included.


50cm self adhesive vinyl wavey wall stencils

Instruction sheet.

If you already have your desired wall colour and need to paint above a wave edge simply select our Reverse Wavey Stencil which will allow you to achieve this.

Our customers say:

"We used these stencils to paint our babies nursery and they exceeded our expectations, the waves look so cool and effective and were easy to use" Faye

"This stencil has created the perfect finishing touch to my son’s bedroom. So easy to apply (and remove!), would definitely recommend." Nic

"The wave stencil has made a world of difference to my sons bedroom who wanted a sea themed room. The stencils were easy to apply to the wall and also remove once the job was complete..." Michael

You will receive a pack of peel away vinyl strips to create a wavey edge paint effect. Simply apply, paint and then peel away.

Which size pack do I need?

Packs come in various sizes to cover different lengths of wall. Select a pack size which refers to the number of stencils you will receive in the pack. (Each stencil covers 50cm of wall. For example if you would like to paint a wall 2m in length you will need a pack of 4 stencils).

Product description

  • Stencilling tips (Please also see our tips section on the website)

    - Simply stick to the wall, paint, remove when top coat is still wet. 

    - These stencils are easily removable but not reusable.

    - Please note, waiting for freshly painted walls to cure before applying these stencils is advisable. (Curing can take as long as 4 weeks for some paints).

    - In order to get a sharp finish it is really important to push each edge of every shape down firmly to seal the stencil to the wall.

    - Only paint downwards to avoid paint being pushed up underneath the stencil.

    - We recommend sticking a small piece of the vinyl to your wall to check adherence and removal before you begin.

    - Please only stick these stencils to standard matt emulsion, other paints have a higher chance of peeling when stencils are removed.

  • Terms and conditions:

    As with applying any adhesive to a painted wall there is always a risk of damaging existing paintwork. It is at the customers' own risk to adhere this product to painted walls. Eliza Doodle will not be held responsible for damage to walls when the vinyl stencils are removed. Damage to walls is unlikely, however, the condition of painted surfaces varies and Eliza Doodle can not guarantee mess-free removal on every wall. No refunds will be given for damage to painted walls once stencils are removed.



    Please also refer to our Hints & Tips page regarding application instructions for our stickers and stencils.

    • What will they stick to? 

    Eliza Doodle stickers will stick to almost any SMOOTH surface. If the surface is painted it must be Standard Matt Emulsion. It is best to test one on your wall first to ensure you are happy with the result. (Please wait 28 days before applying to freshly painted surfaces).

    • What won't they stick to? 

    Eliza Doodle Stickers will not stick to textured surfaces and surfaces painted in paint other than Standard Matt Emulsion. Paints such as satin, eggshell, and washable will all cause the low-tack adhesive to slide off the wall.  

    • Are they easy to apply? 

    Yes! Simply peel from the backing paper and stick them to the wall!

    • Are they easy to remove?

    Yes! Providing your paintwork was well cured and in good order when you applied them then they will peel off easily and quickly. 

    • How will I know where to place them on the wall?

    As per the instructions, draw a pencil line using a spirit level on your wall and line up the bottom of each stencil to it.

  • (Our images are illustrative only and colours are representative as all monitors vary)

    Please be aware of our shop policies which gives detailed information about the types of paint that removable vinyl won't adhere to. We do not want to disappoint our customers so we do please ask that you have a quick look at the list to check you are not planning on sticking Eliza Doodle stickers to a surface with silicon-based paint or washable paint for example. Many thanks!


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