How to remove wall stickers

Removing wall decals couldn't be easier, especially Eliza Doodle Wall stickers. However there are certainly some hints and tips we can give you to make the process efficient and easy. In this article you will find our top tips on how to remove wall stickers

Read on for a quick and easy road to removal! 

1. Always peel downwards 

When removing the wall stickers from the wall, begin at the top of the sticker and gently roll the sticker in a downwards direction

Peel off in a downwards motion

2. Do not pull the sticker off the wall 

Try to keep the sticker against the wall as you remove it in a downwards motion. This reduces the force pulling against the paint. 

3. Use a craft knife

For tiny details like lettering, or spots, dots and dashes, simply flick up the tiny piece of vinyl with the edge of a craft knife to quickly flick them off the wallFlick small details with a craft knife.

4. Don't attempt to get them off in one piece 

The vinyl is removable but not reusable, it will rip when you remove the stickers from the walls. Do not aim to remove in full and reuse as this will not be successful.

5. If the paint is coming off with the sticker 

If paint is removing with the sticker this can be because the paint was not cured when the stickers were applied, or if the paint was in bad shape or not keyed properly to the wall. In order to reduce the rigidity of the adhesive heat the stickers with a hair dryer. This can make the glue more tacky and more malleable, making the sticker easier to manipulate leaving paint work in tact. 

6. Once removed clean up the wall 

When you have removed all of your stickers simply clean up your wall with some sugar soap or even pop a new coat of standard matt emulsion (not wipeable paint) on; let it cure and gas off for around 2 weeks before you apply your next set of Eliza Doodle Designs wall decals!