Decorating a rental house on a budget

Decorating a rental house on a budget

Decorating a rental house on a budget is something many of us will encounter at some point in our lives. As landlord contracts get tighter and stricter it is a good idea to consider rental decorating hacks to make your house a home with out any permanent changes. 

There are many ways that a rental property can be decorated in your taste to give it some of your own personality without changing anything too drastically. Once you have decided your colour schemes and moved in your furniture you can start to add some pops of colours and tonal elements to each room. 

A priority for you maybe to get your children's bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms looking fun and welcoming. This can be easily achieved with wall stickers or wall decals as they are often known. These wonderful little pieces of magic vinyl can transform a room in to a coherent theme in minutes. Available in so many colours and almost every style you can imagine there is something for everyone. 

The beauty of self adhesive vinyl wall stickers is that they are easy to apply with no tools or professionals required and they are easily removable with no tools or professionals required! Providing walls are in good condition at the point of sticking the wall stickers to the surface they will also remove without damaging the walls when you leave the rental property. 

Why use Eliza Doodle Designs vinyl wall stickers in a rental property?


Not all wall stickers are made with the same qualities, it is important to check the finer details of what you are purchasing. All of Eliza Doodle Designs wall stickers are made from semi-permanent 3 year vinyl (which basically means removable and has a life span of 3 years). This means you can confidently apply them to the walls knowing that the adhesive will not be too strong and will not pull paint off the surfaces. (It should be noted that if paint is in bad order or not keyed to the wall properly the removal of the stickers could pull paint up as any adhesive product could). 

Safe for children's walls

The non solvent inks in our printed stickers range means they are safe for nurseries and bedrooms. This is an important factor to check when purchasing wall stickers for your children's walls. 

Recyclable when removed 

Our whole range of self adhesive vinyl wall stickers are made from PVC free vinyl. This means they are better for the environment and can be recycled once they are removed. 

Easy Application 

When decorating your new home you may ask yourself how to decorate the walls in a rental as it may seem like whatever you do is going to require a lot of money and a tradesperson. By using removable wall stickers you have the flexibility to apply them yourself and they don't even need to be done with precision! All of Eliza Doodle Designs wall stickers are designed to be applied free handThat means that you can simply peel them off the backing paper and pop them straight on to your wall without measuring or following patterns. If you don't like where you have placed one, simply peel it off and replace it in another position.

Is it worth decorating a rental house? 

I have always believed that no matter where you are living you deserve it to feel like your home. You do not need to be a home owner to take control of your surroundings. As a renter you have as much right and need to make your home your 'own'. Using vinyl wall stickers is a great way to do this for all the reasons mentioned above. Layer on top the pictures and wall decor (try command strips for this) that you have chosen to create your theme and add in all of your chosen accessories. Whether you are looking for a jungle themed roomocean themed room or bedroom for a gamer we have it all here at Eliza Doodle Designs to get you started.