Hints and Tips

A bunch of how tos to help you, but really, it is super easy!

Oct 27 - Sep 1

How to apply stickers with application tape

To apply stickers that come with application tape: 1. Remove backing paper. 2. Position on wall and rub the transfer tape hard with a plastic card. 3. Carefully pull back the transfer tape to reveal the decal on the wall. 4. If your stickers stays on transfer tape, repeat step 2. 5. Hey presto! Oh so easy sticker on your happy wall!

Oct 27 - Feb 1

How to apply 'peel and stick' stickers

1. Simply peel the sticker from the backing paper. 2. Stick directly to the wall. 3. Smooth down with your hand. 4. Voila! Happy walls.

Apr 27 - Aug 31

How to apply scallop edge stencils

1. Make a guideline on your wall with a spirit level and pencil. 2. Remove thick backing paper to release the stencil. 3. Align bottom of stencil with the guideline. 4. Contine to add stencils to complete the wall. 5. Press the stencil to the wall firmly around every arc ensuring there are no gaps. 6. Paint downwards away from the stencil to avoid pushing paint under it. 7. Apply as many coats as required and after final coat remove stencil before it dries. 8. Happy walls!

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